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Pioneering advances in cervical disease prevention and cytology lab technology.

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Setting a Standard

ThinPrep® is a worldwide standard for cervical sample collection. More than 1 billion ThinPrep vials have been used globally for cervical cancer screening.1 Just one patient sample is required for both cytology and molecular testing. We offer a comprehensive cytology solution, from sample collection to diagnosis, all within a complete suite of lab automation.

Improved Disease Detection

Our liquid-based cytology (LBC) test, the ThinPrep® Pap test, performs significantly better than conventional cytology in detecting diseases. Sensitivity and specificity are higher.2 

Improved Visualisation

Moving to LBC results is a significant improvement in sample visualisation. The percentage of poor cell quality samples is decreased and sensitivity for the diagnosis of high-grade lesions is improved.2

Multiple Results From One Sample

Our cervical health solution enables clinicians to integrate cytological and virological (including HPV) results without the need to duplicate sampling and medical visits. This delivers greater efficiencies and the possibility of earlier detection.

Advancing the Early Detection of Cervical Cancer


peer-reviewed studies confirming ThinPrep performance3

up to 300

slides prepared in 12h with ThinPrep® 5000 Processor Autoloader4

45 min

process for rapid cell block preparation5

A Comprehensive Cytology Solution

The ThinPrep Pap test is just one of several offerings in the ThinPrep system. Our ThinPrep processors, imagers and review scopes help improve laboratory workflow and help cytotechnologists to identify abnormalities. In addition, we are committed to providing laboratories with innovative and effective cytology solutions for non-gynecological testing needs. Explore the products in our solution here.



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FDA Market Authorisation for Genius™ Digital Diagnostics System

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Discover the Future of Cervical Cancer Screening

A Vision for Women-centric Care

A Vision for Women-centric Care

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