Hysteroscopic Solution

Our innovative solution targets and removes uterine tissue, including fibroids and polyps, using hysteroscopic treatment. It allows women with heavy menstrual bleeding (HMB) to be effectively treated without major surgery.

Hysteroscopic Solution

Improving Patient Care is Within Your Control

For many women, the diagnosis and treatment of uterine disorder is long, painful and frustrating journey. Our team pioneer gynaecological surgical solutions that give professionals greater confidence in patient diagnosis and more choice over treatment options. These solutions enable faster, more comfortable and more effective diagnosis and treatment across all clinical settings.

Designed for Peace of Mind

Our solutions are designed for patient peace of mind, comfort and effectiveness. Our user-friendly solutions are easy to control in both operating rooms and outpatient settings.

Expert Support

We allow you to deliver the very best patient services through comprehensive educational resources that support optimum clinical practice and patient care, including support in building business cases with a specialist team on hand.

20+ Years of Experience

Our R&D philosophy is routed in clinician, nurse and patient collaboration. This has led  to state-of-the-art technologies that meet your needs and benefit your patients.

A Flexible Solution for Multiple Settings

Visit Our Virtual Hospital

See how our uterine health products work in both an outpatient and operation room (OR) settings.

Image of virtual surgery room in a lab setting.
    1. As compared to procedures completed without the Omni Lok cervical seal.
    2. Hologic Data on file. VAR-08420 Rev.001, Physician questionnaire after video introduction to device; N=15
    3. Hologic Data on file, DHM-07810 Rev.001, bench test utilizing extirpated uteri; N=3
    4. Hologic Data on file, VER-09159 Rev.002, bench test utilizing a uterine model; N=22

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