Faxitron® Path Specimen Radiography System

The large field of view and high resolution detector delivers greater efficiency and exceptional patient care in the pathology lab.1

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    Work Efficiently with More Imaging Area

    The Faxitron Path system has a magnification shelf with field-of-view guides and automatic position detection that provides up to 6X geometric magnification. It can locate the smallest calcifications in tissue samples to ensuring accurate diagnoses. This delivers greater efficiency for the lab and more timely results for the patient.1,2

    Optimal Imaging Quality1,2

    The Faxitron Path system allows pathologists to optimally image anything, from breast tissue slices and intact mastectomies, to bone and foetal remains. The large detector has a high resolution for its size and accommodates a broad range of samples.

    Convenient Interface

    The continuous surface keyboard allows for ease of use. The system sends images in a variety of file formats, optimising the viewing of tissue samples.

    Improved Efficiency

    The Faxitron Path system results in faster final report generation, saving you time by reducing searching and walking. A touch of a button sends multiple annotated images to PACS.

    Easy to Use

    No additional training or specialised x-ray requirements are needed to operate the Faxitron Path system. It plugs into any standard A/C outlet.

    Wide Energy Range

    The system can image both thin slices and large specimens. Proprietary algorithms enable optimal image exposure and clarity with automatic exposure control (AEC).

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    The Faxitron Path Specimen Radiography System is part of the Hologic Specimen Evaluation Solution.

    6x Geometric Magnification3

    The large 23 x 29cm CMOS detector accommodates a broad range of specimens, without sacrificing the resolution (up to 40+lp/mm) required to identify small micro-calcifications. The wide energy range, from 20 - 100kV, coupled with advanced Automatic Exposure Control, allows the system to optimally image breast tissue slices to intact mastectomies, and bones to foetal remains, with a single mouse click.

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