Panther Fusion® Open Access

Innovate with Open Access functionality that let's you run Lab Developed Tests (LDTs) from extraction to results.

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    Bring Simplicity & Performance to In-House Testing

    LDTs are an essential part of diagnostics. Patients with certain medical conditions depend on these in-house developed tests when other options are not available. When laboratories process LDTs alongside In vitro Diagnostic (IVD) assays, it can help save time and expenditures, enhancing efficiency. Panther Fusion Open Access technology puts lab technicians in control of their workflow. From laborious in-house assay development to delivering up to 335 results in an 8 hour shift.1

    Fully Automate & Consolidate Your Molecular Platforms

    Run lab-developed tests together with CE-IVD assays on the fully-automated, random access Panther Fusion® System to further enhance your lab’s flexibility and productivity.


    Fully automate LDTs from extraction to results.


    Run multiple LDTs interleaved with IVDs on a single integrated platform.


    Run your LDTs your way with software to generate your own user defined protocols and acceptance criteria.

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    Simplify & Scale the Future of Diagnostics

    Panther Fusion Open Access is part of the Hologic Molecular Scalable Solution, a portfolio combining a broad, high performing assay menu with high throughput automation. Designed to flexibly scale to meet your needs, from a single patient result to population level screening.

    Consolidation in Practice

    A workflow study conduced by the University of Wisconsin tested the ability to consolidate and run 5 LDTs plus 7 IVDs on the Panther Fusion with just one full time equivalent (FTE), in one working day.

    Study overview:2 84 patients, 204 samples, 12 assays, 23 targets, 22 controls, 1 Panther Fusion run

    1h 36m

    Hands-on time

    7h 00m

    Automation time

    3h 57m

    Time to first result

    7h 36m

    Total time

    Optimise Today & Prepare for Tomorrow

    The Panther® System lets you consolidate a broad assay menu on a fully automated system. It loads samples in any order,  at any time, eliminating batch constraints and decreasing turnaround time. Explore how the Panther® Scalable Solution helps you scale your operation.

    Evidence. Insight. Collaboration.

    Our education portal improves patient care through excellence in education, communication of clinical and scientific evidence, and partnerships with the healthcare community.

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