LOCalizer™ Wire-free Guidance System

Wire-free RFID system for precise localisation and optimised scheduling of breast surgery.

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    Precision Guidance for Breast Surgeries

    The LOCalizer wire-free guidance system is designed to provide precision guidance for breast surgeons. Non-palpable breast lesions can be easily located using a miniature radiofrequency identification (RFID) tag. The tag can be placed in the breast any time >30 days prior to, or on the day of surgery.

    Wire-free Breast Lesion Guidance

    Plan the surgical pathway independent of radiology. No wires, radioactivity or complex protocols.

    Real-time Distance Measurement

    Optimise margin assessment with real time reading that displays the distance to the tag in millimetres. Accurate identification in case of multiple lesions with its unique ID.

    Workflow Optimisation

    Flexibility in scheduling for the radiologist, surgeon and the patient. The miniature RFID Tag can be implanted >30 days ahead of the procedure prior to the day of surgery, which helps to reduce scheduling conflicts between departments.

    Mobile Handheld Portability

    Calibration-free handheld reader with slim pencil-sized surgical probe. Fully disposable for sterile use.

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    Unlock the Advantage of Time

    The Breast Health Continuum of Care offers integrated solutions for clinical confidence, workflow efficiency and compassionate patient care. Giving more women, more time in better health.

    The LOCalizer Wire-free Guidance System is part of the Hologic Localisation & Marking Solution.

    A Wireless RFID Breast Lesion System

    • The LOCalizer system will enable precision and ease of use for breast surgery guidance. 
    • Tag applicators, preloaded with miniature radio frequency tag, come in 7cm and 10cm lengths. 
    • Single-use sterile surgical probes, instrument covers and tag applicators come in various kit combinations for radiology and surgery.
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