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Time is precious when it comes to effective screening, detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. We strive to improve efficiencies at every step, ensuring more women have more time in better health.

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Advance Early Detection & Diagnostic Accuracy

Our clinically proven, integrated breast imaging and diagnostic solutions can optimise your clinical pathway while enhancing a woman’s breast imaging experience.

Cutting-Edge Imaging

Optimal cancer detection starts with the highest quality imaging. Integrate the EUREF-approved1 Hologic mammography technologies into your clinical pathway. Along with advanced ultrasound systems, they maximise efficiency in your imaging workflow.

Confident Cancer Detection

The clinically proven tomosynthesis and contrast enhanced imaging technologies, plus future-proofed AI powered solutions at the point of care, help you make the best clinical decisions while accelerating reading time and improving operational efficiency.

Compassionate Interventional Solutions

Bringing high quality imaging and intervention together helps you deliver more compassionate and effective solutions. Choose from stereotactic, ultrasound and MRI modalities, and tailor biopsy treatment options in prone or upright mode to help improve the patient experience.

Diagnostic & Data Efficiency

Powerful high-resolution imaging solutions require integrated, streamlined and breast-specific workflows. Our diagnostic workstations, scalable archiving and versatile image routing solutions can optimise reading workflow, minimise network burden and grow with your clinical needs.

Decades of Continuous Innovation

Our pioneering technology supports best-in-class detection and diagnostics,* delivered with speed and accuracy.1


Scan Time, the industry’s fastest tomosynthesis scan² on the 3Dimensions™ Digital Mammography System**


Daily saving in image interpretation time3,4 with 3DQuorum™ Imaging Technology


Frames per second image capture capacity5 with the SuperSonic® MACH™ 30 Ultrasound System

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3Dimensions™ Digital Mammography System

Reveal fine details with the fastest, highest resolution 3D Mammography™ exam6 using our advanced detector and innovative 3D™ imaging technologies. These help to detect more invasive cancers with confidence.7 With the integration of additional AI-powered solutions, this is a smart platform supporting breast cancer detection, workflow optimisation and risk assessment.

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Clarity HD™ High Resolution Tomosynthesis

Producing high-resolution tomosynthesis images normally means slower read times. However, combining Clarity HD high-resolution 3D imaging with Genius AI Detection technology and 3DQuorum allows you to unleash the fastest and highest resolution 3D images in the industry,8 accelerating screening and analysis.

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Intelligent 2D™ Synthesised Imaging

For higher image quality, more detail, improved read times and low dose, this AI-powered software produces robust, yet natural looking, synthesised 2D images that are well correlated with the 3D mammography data. This enables radiologists to quickly and confidently see subtle mammography features and lesion morphology.

Monitor showing breast scans with controller

3DQuorum™ Imaging Technology

3DQuorum technology utilises Genius AI powered analytics to uniquely reconstruct high-resolution 3D Mammography data to produce 6mm SmartSlices. It speeds up reading time by reducing the number of images to review, with no compromise in image quality, sensitivity or accuracy.9,10

Monitor showing breast scans with controller on white background

Genius AI™ Detection Technology

A deep-learning algorithm designed to aid radiologists' diagnostic performance and detect breast cancer4,11,12 from tomosynthesis images from the Hologic Dimensions Mammography Systems. It locates lesions by searching each slice of the image set. Suspicious areas are highlighted for concurrent reading at the workstation.

Breast scan images

Quantra™ 2.2 Technology

Higher breast density is known to increase a woman’s risk for breast cancer.13,14 The need for accurate, unbiased analysis is therefore critical. Powered by machine learning, Quantra software analyses the breast tissue texture and pattern in both 2D and tomosynthesis images and categorises the breasts into four composition risk categories.15

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Selenia® Dimensions® Digital Mammography System

The Selenia Dimensions system delivers proven accuracy of our 3D Mammography exam to detect significantly more invasive breast cancers earlier and reduce call backs vs 2D alone.17-19† The system comes in two main configurations, to which you can add a range of options.

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SecurView® Breast Imaging Workstation

A breast diagnostic workstation designed by radiologists for radiologists. Speed up your diagnosis with customisable workflow tools to ensure accurate, efficient evaluation of 2D and 3D Mammography exams. It does this through fast, configurable scrolling, on-the-fly slabbing, focus and co-registered 2D and 3D mammography exam images.

Monitor showing breast scan images with controller on white background

Unifi™ Connect

Unifi Connect provides a secure infrastructure for a full range of remote services for Hologic instrumentation, creating a continuous link between our technical experts and the customer. We monitor, identify and address issues remotely, maximising uptime and reducing the need for onsite visits by our engineers.

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    * The only system to have received EUREF certification for both 2D and 3D.
    ** Compared to other standard models.
    † When using 3D plus 2D exam

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    Time is precious when it comes to effective detection, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. We strive to save you time at every step along the Breast Health Continuum of Care ensuring more women have more time in better health.


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