Transplant Solution

Reimagine your transplant workflow by consolidating your complete test menu on one single high throughput platform.

Lab technician putting test tubes into equipment

Simplify the Future of Transplant Testing

An innovative solution designed to expand your transplant capabilities and simplify, standardise and accelerate testing, now and into the future. Every moment matters when it comes to protecting immunocompromised patients.

Advanced Automation

Integrate and consolidate your transplant, viral load, respiratory, STI and women’s health testing on a single, fully automated high throughput system, unlocking flexibility and operational efficiency.1

Precision & Flexibility

The high performing Aptima CMV Quant assay is clinically validated for whole blood and plasma on the fully automated, high throughout Panther® System, giving labs the versatility and precision to detect, diagnose and deliver results.2   

Confidence & Control

The launch of CE-IVD approved Panther® Fusion EBV Quant and BKV Quant Assays continues our promise of innovation across critical post-transplant monitoring.3,4

Work with Different Testing Matrices at the Same Time

The entire transplant portfolio can be run in conjunction with other viral assays, ensuring streamlined laboratory workflows. Future-proof your diagnostic infrastructure to drive performance and meet the increased need for transplant testing.

5 yrs

transplant testing have increased in Europe over the last 5 years5


of labs across Europe use two or more transplant testing platforms6


are interested in consolidating transplant tests on one platform7

One Solution. Infinite possibilities

Hologic’s Molecular Scalable Solutions now has a fully automated Transplant Solution, combining a large CE-IVD assay portfolio with advanced automation.

Simplify & Scale the Future of Diagnostics

The Transplant Solution is part of the Hologic Molecular Scalable Solution, a portfolio combining a broad, high performing assay menu with high throughput automation. Designed to flexibly scale to meet your needs, from a single patient rapid result to population level screening.

Technician walking by Panther Systems in a lab setting
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