Faxitron® Trident® HD Specimen Radiography System

No transporting the specimen to another room for imaging, no waiting for margin confirmation, and no costly scheduling delays.1

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    See Clearly, Act Confidently

    Have the markers been captured? Are the margins clear? And are targeted calcifications visible? Now you can have highly detailed imaging for rapid verification in the OR or procedure room. The Faxitron Trident HD system’s sleek, modern and ergonomic design has a small footprint, making it easy to manoeuvre. And its imaging area is large enough to accommodate a large range of sample sizes.1

    Turn Images Into Answers on the Spot1

    When it comes to performing breast conserving surgeries or stereotactic breast biopsies, nothing is more important than being sure.

    Image Quality

    Same detector technology as the Dimensions® platform and Affirm® Prone System: amorphous selenium direct capture imaging to render crisp, clear, high resolution images.

    Compare the specimen image with the original mammogram or biopsy image on one screen.

    Automated exposure control (AEC).

    Improved Workflow

    Instant verification right in the procedure or operating room.

    Results in faster completion time without the need to wait for margin confirmation.

     Easy integration to facility and WiFi.

     Ability to send images to SecurView™ DX Workstation or PACS with a single touch.

    Easy to Use

    Intuitive control panel and software interface.

    Robust tool set includes annotate, measure and zoom.

    Easy to clean, modern, enclosed design.

    Small footprint maximises operating room space.

    Unlock the Advantage of Time

    The Breast Health Continuum of Care offers integrated solutions for clinical confidence, workflow efficiency and compassionate patient care. It gives more women, more time in better health. 
    The Faxitron Trident HD Specimen Radiography System is part of the Hologic Specimen Radiography Solution.

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    Up to 2x Geometric Magnification2

    • Magnification: Specimen tray positions at 1.5x and 2.0x, auto-sensed
    • Active Imaging Area Size: Full-field Detector: 16 x 18 cm nominal
    • Pixel Size: 70 μm
    • Limiting Spatial Resolution: 7.1 lp/mm in 1.0x contact mode
    • Focal spot size: ≤ 55 μm
    • External dimensions: 61cm wide x 66cm deep x 168cm height
    • Detector Technology: TFT-based direct capture technology


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