Genius™ Digital Diagnostics System

Digital diagnostics is the next step in cervical cancer screening, empowering labs with a new AI-based technology to help eradicate cervical cancer.

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    Transforming Cervical Cancer Screening

    The Genius Digital Diagnostics System is the first cytology solution to combine the power of a new, deep learning-based artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm with advanced volumetric imaging technology to identify pre-cancerous lesions and cervical cancer cells.

    Designed with One Goal in Mind, Eradicate Cervical Cancer

    Enhance Performance


    A new, advanced tool to help locate pre-cancerous and cancer cells on ThinPrep® Pap test digital images.

    The volumetric scan enables high-throughput combined with exceptional image quality.

    Dynamic collaboration from a digital workflow allows for remote case review.


    Promote Efficiency


    Accelerate review time with a single gallery sign-out for ThinPrep Pap test slides.

    Free-up staff by loading up to 400 slide samples and walking away.

    Prioritise STAT patients with random access and STAT carrier management.


    Save Time


    No lost or broken slides. Easy access of digital slides stored on the Imaging Management Server (IMS).

    Zero transportation cost, with digital slides virtually transmitted between locations.

    Cases available in real time, with each slide being available across the network.


    Working With You to Advance Cervical Health

    We pride ourselves on being champions of women’s health and global leaders in screening, dedicated to advancing the accuracy and early detection of cervical cancer. From HPV to cytology, and now also AI-based digital diagnostics, we offer a comprehensive and unique screening portfolio, from sample collection to diagnosis.

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    Powerful & Efficient

    The system allows for easy connection and collaboration on cases, allowing for effective patient care in a fraction of the time.

    A Complete Digital Cytology Solution

    Case study: A World First Trial

    Lab CEO Dr Dietmar Klimas and cytologist Heike Lesle-Amour share their experiences trialling the Genius Digital Diagnostics System in one of Europe's largest labs.5


    Enter a New Era of Learning

    Fully interactive digital cytology educational platform. Review previously diagnosed cases, enter your interpretation and receive instant feedback.

    • Access new unknown cases weekly
    • Instant feedback with detailed description of diagnosis
    • Library of known cases for reference
    • AI-curated gallery and whole slide image views
    • 10x and 40x viewing options
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