ThinPrep® 5000 Processor

Fully-automated, hands-free processing so you can accomplish more.1




    Lab Efficiency Starts Here

    The ThinPrep 5000 processor provides continuous hands-free processing of ThinPrep® Pap test, ThinPrep® PreservCyt® Solution (non-gyn) and ThinPrep® UroCyte® samples. Up to 45 minutes of walkaway time leaves operators free to focus on other tasks.1 With improved chain-of-custody verification and automatic vial uncapping, this system represents the next generation of slide preparation.1

    Walkaway Automation for Efficient Workflow1


    Continuous, hands-free processing with up to 45 minutes of walkaway time means operators are free to focus on other tasks.

    Carousels can be loaded at accessioning and easily transported.

    Load up to 20 vials, slides and filters.

    Processed slides are racked and ready for staining; output racks can be loaded directly into select stainers and coverslippers.*


    Chain-of-custody Verification for Each Sample


    Barcodes on the vial are automatically matched to the label on the slide, reducing the possibility of errors.

    Urgent samples may be run at any time by pausing batch processing.


    Ergonomic & Intuitive Design for a Smoother Operation


    Automated vial uncapping and re-capping.

    Minimises risk of repetitive strain injuries for operators.

    User-friendly touch screen interface for real-time progress tracking and reporting.


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    Working With You to Advance Cervical Health

    We pride ourselves on being champions of women’s health and global leaders in screening, dedicated to advancing the accuracy and early detection of cervical cancer. From HPV to cytology, and now also AI-based digital diagnostics, we offer a comprehensive and unique screening portfolio, from sample collection to diagnosis.

    Give More Time Back to Your Team1

    •  Capacity of samples: up to 20
    •  Capacity of consumables: up to 20 slides and filters
    •  Consumable loading: manual with each run
    •  Slide removal: after each run
    •  Chain of custody: vial/slide match
    •  Walkaway time: 45 min per run
    •  Dimensions: 86cm wide, 56cm high, 66cm deep
    •  Clearance: 102cm wide, 102cm heigh, 92cm deep1

    Meeting the Demands of Your Lab

    ThinPrep processors are intuitive, versatile, and scalable solutions for laboratories of all sizes. Our range offers reliable, best-in-class systems that help cytology labs automate their processes. The integrated chain-of-custody technology delivers confidence in results without sacrificing productivity. 
     The ThinPrep 5000 Processor delivers a medium level of lab automation. Explore our complete range of processors below.

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      *Adapters may be required for some models
      1. ThinPrep 5000 Processor. MAN-07493-002 Rev 003 
      2. ThinPrep 5000 Processor Autoloader. AW-22290-002 Rev. 003
      3. ThinPrep Genesis Processor Operator's Manual MAN-08098-002 Rev 002

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