Cellient® Automated Cell Block System

Increase diagnostic confidence with improved cell capture.

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    Get the Most out of Every Cell Block

    The Cellient® Automated System is a fully automated cell block instrument. With overall processing time of less than an hour, vacuum-assisted filtration rapidly concentrates available cells within the block. The system consistently produces diagnostically useful, high quality blocks for efficient review.1

    Improved Capture


    Uses vacuum-assisted filtration.

    Captures available cells for maximum cellularity, even from small or scanty samples.

    Built on ThinPrep® technology.


    Improved Presentation


    Helps maintain crisp, clear cellular architecture.

    Creates concentrations of cells within a block.

    Supports easier and more productive pathology review.


    Improved Consistency


    Creates high-quality blocks.

    Fully automated with little or no operator dependency.

    Less cross-contamination risk.

    Consistently rapid processing time, 45 minutes or less.


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    Specimen Types Suitable for Cell Blocks

    • Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) specimens, lung, liver, thyroid, breast, lymph node, other body sites
    • Body Fluids: pleural, ascites, pericardial
    • Respiratory: bronchial wash, bronchial brush, sputum
    • Cervical1
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      1. Cellient Automated Cell Block System User Manual, MAN-08346-002, Rev 002
      2. Image Courtesy of Cytology Dept. Groningen University Hospital, Netherlands

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