Compass™ Stainer

Adds flexibility to both routine and special staining procedures.

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    Lightweight Versatility for a Variety of Staining Needs

    With a smaller footprint, the Compass Stainer is perfect for low volume imaging labs using the Integrated Imager, or for labs that want a dedicated Non-Gyn stainer. The Compass Stainer can store up to 15 staining protocols or programs.1 Protocol 1 is pre-loaded with the ThinPrep Stain Protocol for customer convenience.


    Has programmable and editable staining protocols and 22 reagent stain stations.

    Functional Display

    A 20-character-wide x 8-line, alpha-numeric, passive LCD display for a user-friendly operator interface.


    Comes ready with the ThinPrep® stain protocol for customer convenience

    Parallel & Versatile Processing

    Able to run up to 4 racks of 20 to 30 slides. Compatible with 20- or 30-count slide racks.

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    Compass Stainer Specifications1

    • Total station: 24 (1 load, 1 unload, 22 reagent stations)
    • Bath volume: 350 – 360 mL bath
    • Slide racks: Sakura and Leica
    • 41 cm height x 79 cm depth x 81cm wide
    • Weight: 25 kg

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      1. Compass Stainer, User Manual AW-23958-001 Rev 001

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