Breast Biopsy Site Markers

Distinct shapes with options for great long-term visibility. Designed so you can identify sites with confidence.

Breast Biopsy Site Markers with distinct shapes




    A Comprehensive Range

    The Hologic range of biopsy site markers come in multiple shapes, gauges and lengths. The markers are compatible for use with x-ray, ultrasound and MRI guided biopsies.  All markers come with an ergonomic and easy to use deployment device included.

    Tumark® Biopsy Site Markers

    Intelligently designed to provide long-term visibility. All Tumark Markers are non-bioabsorbable, biocompatible permanent markers offering excellent visibility and are designed to minimise movement.1

    SecurMark® Biopsy Site Markers

    Designed to minimise movement,2 this marker is highly visible in ultrasound upon deployment and still highly visible at 6 weeks post-biopsy, crucial in case of future breast interventions.3 The marker consists of two pieces, a permanent marker and a bioabsorbable suture-like netting.

    TriMark® Biopsy Site Markers

    Optimal for thin-breasted patients and superficial lesions. Smooth marker deployment to the biopsy site with rigid end deploy bevelled tip.

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    The Breast Biopsy Site Marker range is part of the Hologic Localisation and Marking Solution.

    Identify with Confidence

    Research shows that the Tumark Professional X, Q and Vision biopsy site markers are accurate and easy to use.1


    say ultrasound visibility was good to excellent upon deployment1


    of markers deployed accurately to the intended area1


    agreed the device was easy to use1

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