Genius AI™ Detection Technology

Aiding confident breast cancer detection.

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    The Next Breakthrough in Early Breast Cancer Detection

    A deep-learning algorithm designed to aid radiologists' diagnostic performance and detect breast cancer1-3 from tomosynthesis images obtained using the Hologic Dimensions Mammography® Systems. The algorithm locates lesions that are likely to represent breast cancer by searching each slice of the tomosynthesis image set. The suspicious areas are highlighted for concurrent reading at the radiologist's workstation to aid in interpretation.

    No Compromise. No Comparison.

    More Confident Cancer Detection

    Study shows +9% improvement in observed reader sensitivity for cancer cases.1.2 Works on standard and high-resolution tomosynthesis images; overlay on 3DQuorum SmartSlices and synthesised 2D images.

    Tools for Easy Lesion Identification

    The algorithm looks for 3 main groups of suspicious lesions: calcifications, masses, densities and distortions, and any combination of these lesions. Outputs may vary on different reading workstations.

    Efficient Operational Workflow

    Integration on the acquisition workstation allows flagging of high-risk cases for immediate reading. Provides case-level metrics, helping categorise cases for priority reading.

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    Unlock the Advantage of Time

    The Breast Health Continuum of Care offers integrated solutions for clinical confidence, workflow efficiency and compassionate patient care. Giving more women, more time in better health. 

    Genius AI Detection Technology is part of the Hologic Screening & Diagnosis Solution.

    Confident Breast Cancer Detection

    The only deep-learning software to run on the acquisition workstation of the mammography system, without the need for a separate server, for a simple, convenient, and secure point-of-care solution. Integration on the Dimensions platform provides unique workflow opportunities, with tools that facilitate review and case prioritisation.

    Hologic conducted a multi-reader, multi-case (MRMC) study to verify performance when using Genius AI Detection algorithm.3

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