3DQuorum™ Imaging Technology

Our highest resolution 3D™ imaging, faster.1

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    Detection Accelerated

    3DQuorum technology utilises Genius AI™ powered analytics to uniquely reconstruct high-resolution 3D Mammography™ data to produce 6mm SmartSlices. It speeds up reading time by reducing the number of images to review, with no compromise in image quality, sensitivity or accuracy.2,3 With our newest innovation, you could reduce read times by an hour a day.2,3*

    No Compromise. No Comparison.

    Confident Clinical Decisions

    Genius AI analytics identifies regions of interest and preserves important features during the creation of SmartSlices.2 The 6mm with 3mm overlap of SmartSlices ensures no data loss and continuity in scrolling.4-6

    Saving Time, Reading More

    When reading SmartSlices instead of 1mm slices, the number of 3D™ images to review is reduced by two-thirds.4-6 This saves an average of 1 hour per day in image interpretation time.3

    Optimal Connectivity Workflow

    3DQuorum technology reduces the typical Clarity HD™ and Intelligent 2D™ study size by over 50%, reducing the storage space and network impact to standard resolution 3D imaging.6

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    Unlock the Advantage of Time

    The Breast Health Continuum of Care offers integrated solutions for clinical confidence, workflow efficiency and compassionate patient care. Giving more women more time in better health.

    3DQuorum Imaging Technology is part of the Hologic Screening & Diagnosis Solution.

    Our Highest Resolution 3D Imaging, Faster

    3DQuorum technology utilises Genius AI-powered analytics to generate SmartSlices and expedite reading time by reducing the number of images to review. There is no compromise in image quality, sensitivity or accuracy.4,5

    This interactive, hands-on case review, using 3DQuorum Technology, will walk you through 20 patient cases in a simulating workstation environment.

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    Browse our portfolio of Breast Health solutions in 3D. See how you can unlock the advantage of time across the entire Breast Continuum of Care. 

    Hologic AI-powered Integrated Software Solutions

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      * Based on 8 hours of image interpretation time per day.
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