Reduce Your Gynecological Surgical Patient Backlog

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Are you facing the challenge of reducing the backlog of patients awaiting surgical procedures?

NovaSure® is the market leading endometrial ablation technology in the UK, with many hospitals offering the procedure in an outpatient setting.1 The GIRFT Programme National Speciality Report recommends ‘to increase use of appropriate setting for surgery, with a shift to day case and/or outpatient procedures for endometrial ablation…’2 amongst other key procedures. Despite this, only 60% of Trusts currently offering the procedure have 'made the move' to the outpatient setting.3

East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust have made the move to outpatients with NovaSure.

Reduce Costs for Your Trust

Did you know? You can reduce endometrial ablation procedure costs for your hospital by approx. £820/patient. All it takes is one simple change. Move your NovaSure endometrial ablation services to outpatients. This change also improves the patient experience.4 The procedure can be performed without undergoing a general anaesthetic, resulting in:

  • Less time in hospital
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Less risk of infection
  • Less time off work

1 in 4 women suffer from heavy menstrual bleeding,5 and menstrual disorders comprise 12% of all referrals to gynaecology services.6

Learn more about the positive impact of moving minimally invasive surgical treatments for AUB and HMB to the outpatient department.

Find out more about how East Suffolk & North Essex Foundation Trust moved their NovaSure Endometrial Ablation procedures to Outpatient Gynaecology.


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