Panther® Scalable Solutions

The Hologic High-throughput Solution allows you to expand your testing menu while adding on flexibility, capacity and walkaway time.

What You Need, When You Need it

It all begins with the Panther® system, the foundation of Panther Scalable Solutions. With that foundation in place, you can customise your molecular diagnostic testing by choosing from a broad menu of assays and instrument add-ons, allowing an economical and scalable path to your laboratory’s growth.

Panther Scalable Solutions meet your evolving needs, whether it's processing a small, medium or large volume of tests. Armed with proven technology, all housed in a small footprint, we work with you to bring you innovative, flexible solutions for your lab today and tomorrow.


We continue our promise of innovation, combining cutting-edge technology and high performing assays across a complete menu that spans women’s health, sexual health, virology, infectious disease and respiratory disease.1


Molecular labs are fragmented: they run different tests, instruments, collection tubes and full time equivalents (FTEs). The key to managing costs is platform consolidation.1


Our scalable solutions and services are adaptable to your specific clinical, operational and financial needs. We can stretch your lab’s productivity without overstretching resources.1

Grow with Hologic

Grow productivity, efficiency & tests run per m2 in your lab. Panther Scalable Solution offers random and continuous access and can run assays simultaneously.


Panther System samples processed in 8 hours1


Panther Fusion® System samples processed in 8 hours1


Additional tests in 24 hours with Panther® Plus1


Panther® Trax test capacity per week1

What Will You Build?

Strong customer partnerships have been at the heart of our business for over 25 years. We work in close collaboration with you and your team to tailor our innovation to suit your specific needs.

Simplify & Scale the Future of Diagnostics

Panther Scalable Solutions is part of the Hologic Molecular Scalable Solution, a portfolio combining a broad, high performing assay menu with high throughput automation. Designed to flexibly scale to meet your needs, from a single patient rapid result to population level screening.

Technician walking through Panther systems in a lab setting

Optimise Today. Prepare for Tomorrow.

Consolidate your molecular testing today, on a platform that offers scalability and growth for tomorrow.

    1. Panther Trax System Operator's Manual AW-18853-001 Rev. 001 (EN)
    2. Panther®/Panther Fusion® System Operator's Manual AW-26055-001 Rev. 001 (EN)
    3. Tomcat Instrument Operator's Manual, AW-26057-001 Rev001

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