Designed to overcome sample pre-processing pain points and free up staff.

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    Automate Sample Pre-Processing

     The Tomcat Instrument is a fully automated general purpose device that eliminates the inefficient and error-prone process of manual aliquoting. It eases the workload on your laboratory, allowing re-deployment of staff to more value-added tasks.1

    Improved Workflow, Freeing Up Staff

    The Tomcat instrument helps streamline workflow and enhances productivity by eliminating manual sample transfer.

    Flexible Automation of Pre-processing¹

    Automated handling of multiple sample types, such as liquid based cytology samples for molecular testing.

    Flexible workflow with the option to continuously load/unload samples, consumables, and waste.

    Increase Quality Assurance and Control¹

    Greater confidence with positive sample ID and chain of custody. Reduced risk of cross-contamination.

    Automated barcode validation of samples.

    Get More from Your Team

    Increases efficiency by eliminating hours of manual pipetting and potential errors.

    Easy to use instrument with an intuitive touch-screen user interface and simple workflow.

    Scale Without Sacrificing Floorspace

    Process samples in as little as 90 seconds.1

    The small footprint requires minimal bench space.

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    Simplify & Scale the Future of Diagnostics

    Tomcat is part of the Hologic Molecular Scalable Solution, a portfolio combining a broad, high performing assay menu with high throughput automation. Designed to flexibly scale to meet your needs, from a single patient result to population level screening.

    Key Functionality¹

    • Barcode validation
    • Vortexing
    • De-capping
    • Aliquoting
    • Re-capping
    • Reagent addition (when desired)
    • Incubation (when desired)
    • Racking of completed samples for molecular testing

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      1. Tomcat Instrument Operator's Manual, AW-26057-001 Rev001

      Hologic BV, Da Vincilaan 5, 1930 Zaventem, Belgium.