Panther® Trax

Physically connects Panther® Systems to increase testing volumes without impacting staff.

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    The World's First Fully-Automated Panther Trax System

    The Panther Trax system provides sample-to- storage automation. It gives your laboratory the potential to grow in tandem with your workload.1,2

    Fully Flexible for a Better ROI

    Increase your testing volumes without increasing staff. The cost of fitting the track is kept to a minimum, as the flexible track configurations reduce the need for infrastructure changes and extra costs associated with installation.

    Increase Efficiency1,2

    Reduces touchpoints to the minimum.

    Manage your total molecular workflow without manual routing of samples throughout your laboratory.

    A centralised sample loading location minimises manual routing and sorting, reducing operator errors.

    Peace of Mind1,2

    Automatic, intelligent sample sorting, archiving tracing and storage, leading to easy retrieval.

    Eliminates need to search through archives for a sample to be re-run, reflex-tested or to run additional tests.

    Higher Efficacy1,2

    Hassle-free sample management.

    No need for upfront planning of sample routes and case-management scenarios.

    Does away with having to look through checklists and large amounts of samples to check for tests run.

    Leverage Existing Infrastructure1,2

    Maximise existing lab infrastructure by connecting one or more Panther Systems to an existing track.

    Simplify & Scale the Future of Diagnostics

    Panther Trax is part of the Hologic Molecular Scalable Solution, a portfolio combining a broad, high performing assay menu with high throughput automation. Designed to flexibly scale to meet your needs, from a single patient result to population level screening.

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    Scale your Operation1,2

    A broad assay menu on a fully automated system that loads samples in any order at any time. Panther® Scalable Solutions eliminate batch constraints and decreases turnaround time.

    Explore how the Panther System helps you optimise today and prepare for tomorrow.

    The Flexibility to Work with Existing Infrastructure

    Lab Configurations

    Connecting Panther Systems to an Existing Track

    Star-shl is a specialised medical diagnostic laboratory, testing over 2 million samples per year. Their vision is to provide clear, reliable answers for patients and clinicians.3

    Evidence. Insight. Collaboration.

    Our education portal improves patient care through excellence in education, communication of clinical and scientific evidence, and partnerships with the healthcare community.

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