I-View™ Contrast Enhanced Imaging

Turn the invisible into the visible and detect cancers that can be hard to see on standard mammograms.

Breast Imaging Scans




    3-in-1 Contrast Enhanced Mammography

    Contrast Enhanced Mammography (CEM), the imaging of a breast using iodinated contrast to reveal areas of increased blood supply within the breast, can help enhance suspicious lesions. The I-View software can combine the power of CEM with 2D and tomosynthesis images, all under one compression, providing anatomical and functional imaging in one exam.1

    CEM is a valuable, compassionate and time-efficient breast diagnostic imaging solution. It compares favourably with breast MRI, offering similar sensitivity and higher specificity, with higher positive predictive value (PPV),2,3 making it a viable and cost-effective imaging modality.4

    Sensitive, High Specificity & Cost-Effective

    Comprehensive 3-in-1 Exam

    Accelerate your reading time with comprehensive imaging, using co-registered functional and morphological information.

    Improved Patient Experience

    Increasing the radiologist’s diagnostic confidence with high sensitivity and specificity imaging, helping to guide the clinical pathway from diagnosis to surgical management.

    Efficient Clinical Workflow

    The #1 adjunct diagnostic exam for women with dense breasts, and a quicker alternative to MRI.5

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    Unlock the Advantage of Time

    The Breast Health Continuum of Care offers integrated solutions for clinical confidence, workflow efficiency and compassionate patient care. It gives more women, more time in better health.

    I-View Contrast Enhanced Imaging is part of the Hologic Screening and Diagnosis Solution.

    Improve the Experience & Save Time

    CEM mammography is quicker compared to MRI, increases patient compliance and improves their experience.6

    8-20 min

    imaging time

    30 min

    room block required


    of the cost of MRI6


    of patients prefer CEM over MRI7

    3 Images from 1 Compression

    This software captures both anatomical and functional information in a single exam by leveraging our ability to provide 2D, contrast and tomosynthesis images in just one compression.1

    I-View CEM imaging is a simple upgrade to any Selenia® Dimensions®* and 3Dimensions™ system, giving breast imaging practices an efficient pathway to expanded diagnostic capabilities.

    Breast imaging scans
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